Laure Prouvost

Laure Prouvost

Why the Turner Prize is so important

Laure Prouvost is a French artist who lives in London and won the Turner Prize in 2013.

Having attendend Goldsmith’s she has exhibited at Tate Britain and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Awarded the MaxMara Prize by the Whitechappel Gallery in 2011, much of her work is now in private collections which includes installation, collage and film.

She won the Turner Prize in 2013 for an installation named Wantee. The film is a reference to the habit of asking guests if they “want tea” thus, it contains complex and courageous images before taking the audience on a search for her fictional grandfather.

Beginning in 1984, the Turner Prize is awarded to a contemporary artist under the age of 50 every year!


Cezanne, The Bathers (1894). Oil on canvas, 127 x 196 cm. National Gallery, London

Why this painting is significant

This is a painting of numerous male and female bathers.
Cezanne was doing lots of similar work at this late stage in his life; thus, the painting is his take on the long tradition of nudes with landscape, that Titian and Poussin were famous for, with mythology as their subject. Cezanne never include this mythological side; he harmonized figures with landscape, and used solid forms with structure or earth tones.
Picasso and Matisse both went to see this painting when it was first exhibited in 1907, as such helping to inspire the Cubist movement!

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