Duncan Campbell


How the Turner Prize became so important

In 2014, Duncan Campbell from Ireland won the Turner Prize.

Campbell contributed to Scotland’s pavilion at the Venice Biennale. He makes films about controversial figures, often by mixing archive footage with new material; thus, he questions and challenges the documentary form!

His prize was mainly for the essay film It for Others which uses: dance, the IRA and Marxism to explore the value of art. At 54 minutes it includes anthropomorphic ketchup dispensers.

The Turner Prize has been running for 30 years and was designed to “promote discussion of new developments in contemporary British art” thus, people have been known to love to hate the Turner prize ever since!


Monet, Bathers at La Grenouillère (1869). Oil on canvas, 73 x 92 cm. National Gallery, London

Who Monet did this painting with
This painting depicts a popular boating and bathing establishment with an adjacent floating café, on the River Seine near Bougival to the west of Paris.
In the summer of 1869 Monet was living near La Grenouillère with his mistress, Camille, and their son. Working alongside Pierre-Auguste Renoir, he painted sketches of the scene in a very fresh and direct manner, possibly in preparation for a slightly larger canvas, which is sadly now lost.
The exceptionally free handling of Monet’s painting may in part be due to the canvas being a sketch for what was to be a more ambitious composition to be painted back in the studio. Monet uses broad areas of colour to indicate the boats moored in the shadows, while dots in the lighted water in the background represent a group bathing in the river.

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