A Line Made by Walking


Long, A Line Made by Walking (1967). Photograph and graphite on board, 375 x 324 mm. Tate Britain

Who it was that walked the line

Richard Long made this formative piece on a journey to St Martin’s from his Bristol home whilst hitchhiking. He flattened the grass in a field in Wiltshire, then photographed it where the sunlight caught the line at an angle.

The image has a corporeal presence and anticipates a widespread interest in per-formative art practice; Long demonstrates a visual language for his personal concerns regarding impermanence, motion and relativity!


 Picasso, Fruit Dish, Bottle and Violin (1914). Oil on canvas, 92 x 73 cm. National Gallery, London

When the Cubist technique was developed

Cubism was a movement away from the normal depiction of an object from one viewpoint. The objects are fragmented and shown from different angles creating a blend of two and three dimensions.

Braque and Picasso used the basic geometric shapes of Cezanne as an influence; the objects can just about be made out: table, bowl, fruit, bottle, newspaper, violin. There is a flat appearance to the colouring, dots and even unpainted canvas and sand.


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